Clean Up Whitespace With find and sed

Unclean whitespace in source code makes me sad. The following will remove all trailing whitespace in files within the current directory that end with .h or .m, (which makes me happy). I’ve only tested this on OS X.

find . -regex '.*\.[mh]$' -exec sed -i '' 's/[ \t]*$//' {} \;


Before you blindly paste this into your command prompt and hit return, (and complain to me that I made you remove all lines ending with ’t'), the \t should actually be a tab character. To replace \t with a tab character, type Control + v, then hit tab. The command will now look like this, (which is a space, then a tab):

find . -regex '.*\.[mh]$' -exec sed -i '' 's/[     ]*$//' {} \;
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