Cappuccino Web Framework

So lately I’ve been playing around with the Cappuccino web framework and a nifty little programming language called Objective-J. The Cappuccino framework allows you to create desktop class applications for the browser, and gives you the ability to run these applications on the desktop, (similar to Adobe AIR). One of the many benefits of being able to create applications that run on the desktop is having the ability to run the application while offline.

The interesting thing about Objective-J is that it is based on Objective-C, but any valid JavaScript code is accepted as valid Objective-J code. A fun way to look at it is that Objective-J is to JavaScript as Objective-C is to C.

Cappuccino is frequently compared to another JavaScript framework called SproutCore, which also allows you to build rich Mac-like applications for the browser, (just look at MobileMe). Both Cappuccino and SproutCore utilize the same icon set and window chrome as desktop Mac applications, which can look incredible.

If you’d like to see Cappuccino and Objective-J in action, take a look at 280 Slides, and if you’d like to learn more, read the tutorials on and download the sample application.


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