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About James


Hi there! My name is James Barclay. I’m an R&D Engineer at Duo Security in Ann Arbor, MI. I’m also a designer, developer, husband, and father. Before joining Duo I was a Tools Engineer at Pinterest, and an IT consultant before that. I’m interested in art, open-source, macOS, software development, and security. I was one of the original developers of AutoPkgr, and I still occasionally contribute to the project. I also work on a commercial Mac app called TMNotifier.

I once drew a trading card every day for a year and posted the images to my Tumbleog. I’ve also made a few comics, designed a few Websites, spoken at a few conferences, built a moderately popular WordPress theme, created a Trump content blocker for iOS, and started and co-hosted a podcast about my former hometown of Flint, MI.

You can contact me via email at james [at] thisdomain. I can also be found as “futureimperfect” on Twitter, GitHub, and many other places around the Web.

You can also download my résumé, if you really want to. (PDF)